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Life on the Spectrum is a UK-based charitable (non-profit) organisation, dedicated to raising awareness of autism, and providing information for autistic people themselves, particularly late-diagnosed adults who find little support elsewhere.

» What is Autism?

If you've never come into contact with autism, you might not know much about it, so here's a brief explanation of what it is, and what it isn't.

» Autism Resources

We are always adding to our resources to help you deal with autism-related issues, from identifying your autism (including Asperger's syndrome), through diagnosis and beyond. We hope to offer understanding and support, with a dash of humour too.

Latest pages:
» Asperger's in Women
» It's Okay to Want a Diagnosis!
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» Bullying & Abuse

Autistic people are particularly vulnerable to abuse, whether from a partner, relative, co-worker, "friend", or anyone else. This section offers information to anyone with concerns.

» Bullying & Abuse: introduction
» Abuse Tactics
» Where to get help (UK)
See the Bullying & Abuse tab for more.

» Make a Donation!

Life on the Spectrum is a charitable (non-profit) organisation, and relies solely on donations. By donating, you help to raise awareness and improve the lives of autistic people everywhere.
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» The Blog

Tales of living with Asperger's syndrome.

Written by Leigh Forbes, founder of Life on the Spectrum, the blog includes wry observations, coping strategies, a few rants, and occasional displays of smugness when she gets something right for a change.

Latest Posts:
» Getting Down to Detail
» The Boy in the Coffee Shop
» Index of all blog posts


» Research

We are currently conducting research in the following subjects:
» Support for Autistic Adults in the UK

Latest Update: 9th April 2015

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